Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Elder Law different from Estate Planning?

While Estate Planning is certainly a part of Elder Law, the scope of Elder Law is much wider.  Elder Law encompasses a multitude of legal issues affecting seniors, including planning for long term care needs and costs, Medicaid (Medical Assistance), tax planning, and probate.  At The Law Office of James Clark, we focus in these areas of law, allowing us to create a holistic long term plan that is customized to the needs of each individual client. 

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Why should I discuss long term care planning with an attorney?

Formulating a long term care plan is a way of ensuring peace of mind.  According to Genworth Financial, the average annual cost of a private room in skilled nursing care in Lancaster for 2016 was $116,800. The cost of in home care, assisted living care, or skilled nursing care is expensive.  It is also important to decide who will manage your financial and health care decisions in case you are not able to make such decisions for yourself.  Developing a long term care plan with an attorney gives peace of mind that your wishes will be followed and your needs will be met as you age without becoming a burden on your family. At the Law Office of James Clark, we will work with you to develop a long term care plan that meets your unique needs.

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What is Medicaid (Medical Assistance) and how is it different from Medicare?

Medicare is a government-funded health insurance program for all seniors ages 65 and over.  Medicaid, referred to as Medical Assistance in Pennsylvania, is a program that is jointly funded by the state and federal governments to assist qualified individuals and families in paying certain medical expenses.

A person requiring a skilled nursing level of care who meets the income and resource requirements may apply for Medical Assistance to help cover their medical bills. 

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Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No. If you are interested in discussing long term care planning, you may make an appointment for a no-obligation half hour consultation with one of our attorneys.  If you decide to proceed with planning, we will work out a fee schedule with you to match your planning needs. 

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Do you make house calls?

Yes.  We will come to your home, another professional office, hospital, nursing home, or assisted living facility.  A fee will apply to cover the additional travel time.

Other Questions? 

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact us for more information.  The office is open Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.